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Whether it’s time to beef up an existing business, realign your sales and marketing, or boost your leadership skills, we can work with you to plan and implement for success.

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We work with companies from the inside out to shore up your resources, people, assets and relationships.



Our experience in management consulting, marketing, strategy development and training means we can drop into a situation, assimilate concepts and translate them into workable solutions that can be executed.


Organizational Optimization

Our approach to working with our clients includes the “big picture” strategy and the means to make it happen. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies to ensure they get the most out of their people, processes, and systems with consulting services.

Strategy & Marketing

Whether you’re looking for a way to sell a new product or reach a new demographic, BLUE SAGE will not only work with your team to understand your key challenges but we’ll also take an active role in helping you overcome them.

Workshops and Training

BLUE SAGE offers training and skills development in a number of formats. Whether you’re building a competency framework for managers and leaders, or you need a customized session to work through a step-by-step process implementation, we have the solutions that will complement your initiative.


Try Our  Process

We’ll benchmark companies in your industry, then brainstorm with your team to determine the key indicators of your overall performance. Using our methodology, we can then determine where your issues and opportunities lie.
Once we jointly determine what needs to be done, we can either take on the project directly or work with your teams to get the job done. This is especially useful if the work requires a focused effort and transferability of the results.
If the work can’t be handled in-house, we can build and implement a plan, and provide training and systems support to achieve results. We’ll run your project from start to finish, then review the results and next steps.

How can we keep our business competitive?

That’s something we’ve heard time and again over the past 25 years. Contact the BLUE SAGE team to learn how we can help.

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