Welcome to our new website and blog….we hope you find the information here useful and inspirational.  In our business, we talk about a lot of issues – how to improve a company, or solve a complicated problem that we might come across or the latest trends and observations from the marketplace. Satisfying our customers and coming up with new and better ways to challenge ourselves to do better work is always at the top of the list.

We believe that collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas is what makes for good business.  And we learn by our mistakes as much as from our successes.

As we kick off a new year, consider Richard Branson on Measuring the Success of 2011:

“Our society’s social, environmental and financial problems remain challenging and it looks like next year will be a tough one on many fronts. We will need to look for bold solutions, because change means opportunity. Whether you can effect small changes at the local level or try to push for sweeping cultural shifts in your industry or sector, 2012 – now – is the time to make a difference.”

Bold solutions and opportunity resulting from change. Welcome to 2012!