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We started out in 1997 with one mission in mind: to provide the same level of marketing and operational excellence to new clients as we had delivered to our employers.  Over the years, the business has changed, but one thing remains the same: we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Anniversary_17“I think what is truly unique about BLUE SAGE and Pam Campagna is their commitment. Pam and her associates make your objectives their objectives and you soon lose the feeling of client and consultant – they really understand how to be a true partner.”           –Jean Fagan, VP Medical Education and Publishing, Pharmacia Corporation

“I had the pleasure of working with Pam at a few firms, one where I hired her as a consultant to help launch new marketing and sales initiatives under an extraordinarily tight timeline. Pam is a strategic thinker who cuts through the noise and identifies the high impact issues and opportunities. She maps out clear plans and then tirelessly executes. Pam just jumps in and does what it takes to achieve the desired targets and immediately earns the respect of the teams she works with. I would highly recommend Pam!  – David Rosi, Vice President, North American Sales, Ipswitch

“I am recommending Pam as not only an accomplished and professional management consultant, but also as a person that is extremely ethical. Pam is not only a bright and very analytical hard worker but also processes a rare skill. A skill that is able to deliver good or bad news in a way that allows people to adjust without the fear that usually comes with unexpected change. During the time that I worked with Pam, I found her to be trust worthy, respectful, thoughtful and forthright in a way that helped all members of our team to be extremely productive. A manager could not ask for a better team member.”   – Bartel Broussard, MBA, VP, Product Marketing, FTP Software

“Simply brilliant, personable, articulate, motivated, with great follow through and a sense of humor… “Conceptually On-Spot”. I have had the pleasure of working with Pam on several occasions; as a training facilitator, co-facilitator and consulting with clients on several projects. Thumbs Up.”    – Andrew E. Schwartz, Owner, A.E. Schwartz & Associates

“As a fellow Board member of the New England Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants I have found Pam to be a very effective and supportive leader. She often leads the Chapter’s efforts on significant undertakings and leverages her very strong analytical skills to identify critical issues to be dealt with. Using her excellent interpersonal and organization skills and action-orientation the Chapter is better able to generate desired results. Through her efforts the IMCNE is much stronger, and more able to support the needs of all members. It continues to be a pleasure serving with Pam.”     – John H. Wheeler Jr MS, Board Member, Institute of Management Consultants – New England Chapter

“From the first time I worked with Pam at Lotus, she stood out as an incredibly smart, savvy, dedicated and hard-working product marketing manager. In a lightning-fast environment where the stakes were high, Pam was the “go to” person for product launches and channel management. A real go-getter with incredible knowledge and commitment, Pam is the consummate professional who will come through for her clients every time.” – Kat Jaibur, Senior Copywriter, Lotus Development Corp

“Pamela is amazing. I had the pleasure of working on a project with her. She is insightful, very thorough and very focused. She knows how to handle any kind of audience from agreeable to somewhat hostile. She knows how to get the work done in the quickest and easiest manner.”   – Claudyne Wilder, Owner, Wilder Presentations

“Pam was hired in the middle of extreme growth and was really central to helping FTP solidify it’s global presence. Pam always worked collaboratively and was great in integrating past and much needed programs into a sales organization that was trying to stay ahead of our incredible growth. Pam is a wonderful person to work with as well.”   – Jackie Hickey, Director of Human Resources, FTP Software

“Pam and Blue Sage provide amazing versatility in marketing skills and services. On the marketing side she is great at developing positioning, creative writing, and versed in executing a good PR campaign. Pam is very good at product and program management — point her in the direction you want and she’ll accomplish the goals with little intervention required. She is business nimble and works seamlessly with any employee or management level, and does a great job working with external partners or customers. We’ve used her services on number of projects, all different in scope and discipline, and the the results have all been the same – very successful and very high quality.”   – Ed Zylka, CEO, tvCompass Inc.

“Pam has the ability to quickly assimilate strategic concepts and translate them into workable tactics faster that any consultant we have worked with. Her in depth knowledge of sales, marketing and just as importantly, business structure made her an invaluable asset to us. We would unconditionally recommend her based on her intellect, ability and work ethic.”    –Carl Erickson, President & CEO, Beacon Worldwide Associates



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