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“Global connectedness started to deepen again in 2013 after its recovery stalled in 2012. In other words, there’s now a higher volume of information, capital, people, and trade flows between countries.”

The Global Marketing Collective is an outsourced global marketing and business strategy resource
for organizations seeking to expand their presence globally. Whether it’s a software company
looking to increase their target audience by entering new international markets, or a B2B
company trying to retain market share for an existing product line, the “GMC” can bridge the
cultural gap to deliver business and marketing strategy, inbound marketing services, programs,
training and internal processes to support these initiatives.

Our global team offers a variety of customized global marketing and business services to ensure
effective market entry into a new country such as:

  • Inbound marketing training
  • Product launch readiness evaluation
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Website review Social media content creation
  • Inbound business model development
  • Marketing execution services
  • Internal resource skills development

Each of these services can be tailored to the target country market to maximize effectiveness.


Flexible. Our size, methods, and decades of experience make us nimble enough to adapt quickly
to changing facts “on the ground”.
Hands-on. In fact, we add value by actually working “on the ground”, side-by-side in close
proximity and partnership with clients. We are “do-ers” as well as “consultants”.
Creative & Innovative. We can provide a full range of solutions –from established models of
inbound marketing, business analysis and process improvement, to 100% custom-designed
Results-Oriented. We enter each project with the end result in mind. Whether we’re creating
content, analyzing a business model or developing social channels for client communications, we
focus on delivering results.
Build Capacity. Our goal is to develop and refine sustainable processes that function on their own
-led by our clients and not us– as soon as possible.



Pamela Campagna, MBA, CMC

Pam is a business management consultant whose firm -BLUE SAGE Consulting, Inc. – helps clients tackle complex business problems relating to change, evolving market dynamics and the impact of inbound marketing on business processes and offerings. Pam is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC®) who combines a hands-on, in-the-trenches oriented approach with sensible, simple problem solving. Prior to founding BLUE SAGE in 1997, Pam held senior marketing, sales and operations roles in technology companies. She has also taught and facilitated graduate and undergraduate courses in marketing, sales management, business and communications, leadership, and project management in various corporate, university and online settings.

lyndasydneyLynda Sydney

Writer and strategist, Lynda is a freelance advertising copywriter from Toronto, Canada. She has a solid agency background, having worked in both creative and account management. She began freelancing full-time in 2001, and has worked with clients in industries including telecommunications, technology, financial services, not-for-profit, and education. The nature of her work is “have laptop, will travel” and with a passion for France and clients on both sides of the pond, she divides her time between Paris and Toronto.

Julie VetterJulie Vetter

Julie Vetter is a partner Hoi Moon Marketing. Based in Paris, she works with a global team providing full inbound marketing services to B2B, technology and global companies from California to Europe. Julie also leads the HubSpot User group for Paris, France . Hoi Moon provides training, guidance and deployment of all inbound marketing activities from web development to social media.


Jen KellyJennifer Kelly

Jennifer Kelly leads New Initiatives Marketing (NIM), a company focused on helping clients execute their marketing strategies. Marketing execution is key to moving any marketing strategy into action. Prior to starting NIM, Jennifer spent 17+ years on the client-side of marketing working with top brands such as Siemens, the Financial Times UK (the pink paper), and Motorola. Her specialty is in the implementation and execution of marketing strategy. This ensures that each marketing element used is effectively and efficiently set-up and put into action and is supporting the whole company in reaching its business goals.

Frank CampagnaFrank Campagna

For over twenty-five years Frank Campagna has worked intimately with clients in healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, government, software, education, marketing, and business intelligence. His ability to work with teams across organizations is often critical for project communications and process development. Frank is the BLUE SAGE lead for developing and conducting research, simulations and trainings for our clients.

The Global Marketing Collective brings together three complementary organizations to form a network of experts that delivers high quality results to our clients:


BLUE SAGE Consulting, Inc. 

We’ve helped scores of software and technology, B2B, manufacturing, professional services and healthcare organizations overcome a wide range of challenges. Our clients look to us for:

                    • short term help on a business issue
                    • long term advice on operational improvements
                    • growth strategies for a lagging product/services business
                    • assistance to develop an Inbound Business
                    • skills development for teams and individuals
                    • guidance on change and transformation initiatives
                    • operating model and process improvement development
                    • sales and marketing efficiency strategies

New Initiatives Marketingthumbnail

Focused on marketing execution for growing technology companies, we help clients who are bringing to market new and innovative products and services. With anything new, it can be difficult to know which marketing element(s) will be most effective in the market and most efficient for the company to manage. Clients use our services to plan & sequence their marketing elements, to implement new marketing processes and to manage ongoing marketing programs. New Initiatives Marketing is a proud Communitech member company helping technology companies start, grow and succeed. Communitech, a tech hub located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, specializes in the commercialization of innovative technologies. Over the years, they have supported and helped build a tech cluster of nearly 1,000 companies that now generates more than $30 billion in revenue.

Hoi MoonHOI MOON Marketing

Hoi Moon Marketing is a boutique online marketing service specialized in using HubSpot software for inbound marketing. Engaged by companies, consultants, agencies, professional branders, designers and developers to strategically manage Internet marketing, search engine optimization and social media optimization, the Hoi Moon team looks at ways to improve a company’s marketing strategy and brand.

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