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Whether it’s time to launch a new product, beef up an existing business, or realign your sales and marketing,  we work with you to create and implement realistic plans for success. Everything we do is customized to your situation, and our “on-call” expertise is available when you need it.  We can drop into a situation, size it up,  and get moving forward.

Blue Sage Business Model

Consider the BLUE SAGE Team: We work with companies from the inside out to shore up your resources, people, assets and relationships.

We are a global group of business professionals with decades of experience in management consulting, marketing, finance, management training, six sigma, lean manufacturing, process excellence, executive training and simulations and social media marketing.

We’ll benchmark companies in your industry, then brainstorm with your team to determine the key indicators of overall performance (KPIs).

Using our methodology, we can then provide you with analytical and operational services to determine where your issues and opportunities lie.

Once we jointly determine your needs, we can either provide you with an on-site or on-call consultant, who will be there when you need them.  This is especially useful if you need a resource with specialized skills, like a manufacturing expert to analyze product sales trends or someone who’s sold technology products in a global marketplace.

If the tasks are larger than what you can handle with your in-house resources, we can assemble a PMP-led team to define your challenges, measure your existing situation, implement improvements and provide training and systems support to achieve results. We’ll run your project from start to finish.

How can we keep our business competitive? That’s something we’ve heard time and again over the past 20+ years. Contact the BLUE SAGE team to learn how we can help.

Our Business Management Services get at the heart of the matter.

Ready to get started? Check out our Business Mentor Program.

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