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An Interview with Pamela Campagna President, BLUE SAGE Consulting, Inc. What do you most like about your job? Because I work with many companies and organizations, I’m able to carry what I learn from one situation to another. The variety and constant challenge of solving client problems is really...

BLUE SAGE on Business: Spotlight on Sales and Marketing Alignment/3

In my first post on the sales and marketing alignment topic, I shared an alignment checklist that I’ve created and refined over the years. My third post in the series discusses how to understand MQL-to-sales opportunity metrics and issues. The marketing-to-sales lead process should be simple right? Marketing generates...

BLUE SAGE on Business: Spotlight on Sales and Marketing Alignment/1

Recently, there’s been a great LinkedIn group discussion around key considerations for successful sales and marketing alignment. Alignment seldom happens by accident or because everyone wishes it. It requires true conscious competence and a commitment by all key parties. Over the next several posts, I’ll share an alignment checklist...

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