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5 Secrets I Learned About Business Management From my Mom

It’s pretty unusual to use the words “business” and “Mom” in the same sentence (since my Mom was never in business), but I’ve gotten to thinking that there are many lessons that we learn throughout our lives  that hold true in the business world.

1.  Know the rules.

1392579153-a2a12700-425fWhether playing board games when I was younger, or abiding by curfews when I was older, Mom always made it a point to remind us of the rules.  The same holds true in business: if you want to play the business game, you have to know the rules.


2. Understand what you can do.

As a business management consultant, I spend a lot of time delivering value for my clients, and being able to pinpoint the impact that a business management consultant can make isn’t always easy.   So take inventory every once in a while and think about what you can offer in the business world – whether it’s a newly acquired skill or another way of looking at problem. Mom used to remind us of “all of the things we could do” long before we could.

3. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

This one is so true- no matter what the situation may be.  Have you every wished you could have a “do over” business meeting or repeat a sales presentation?  By putting your best foot forward ,  you can increase the chances that the “impression” that you leave will be a positive one.

4. Do the best that you can do, everyday.
As a Mom myself, this secret is one that I’ve handed down to my daughter. The work that you do in business or the results that your actions have may sometimes lead to disappointment.  While it’s easy to focus on results, keep in mind that efforts count too.

5. Play well with others.
Mom always told to us the importance of getting along with others (especially our siblings). This also applies in business.  A recent Hubspot post, “How to Align Sales and Marketing for Results (Not Just Harmony)” discusses the value of “smarketing” – “the alignment and connection between sales and marketing”.  The post shares tips for aligning sales and marketing: Promote and Support Sales and Marketing Communication; Measure and Hold Teams Accountable; Create a Smarketing Agreement; and Integrate Your Sales and Marketing software.

At BLUE SAGE, our clients use our Sales and Marketing Efficiency Services to help sales and marketing get along.

What lessons learned from your Mom do you use in business?


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